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The Tolerance Ring: A proven circular springlike frictional fastener for mounting round components

Tough enough for off-road equipment
- Delicate enough for miniature ball bearings

Why use a tolerance ring?

Solves ball bearing problems:

  • Thermal growth
  • Outer race rotation
  • Vibration
  • Fretting & corrosion
  • Out-of-round housings
  • Reclaim worn housings

Other key functions:

  • Protects against torque overload
  • Adjusts for tolerance stack up
  • Lower installation forces when press fit is not desired
  • Eliminates adhesives and keyways
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Our tolerance rings:


These rings are used inside a bore for bearing mounts. They're self-retaining, and are designed to fit inside a nominal circumference.


These rings are designed to be mounted on a shaft. The waves are on the outside and conform to the shaft's diameter.


These are non-circular shaped rings used for light duty purposes.

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Working with us

  • 50+ years of designing tolerance rings for numerous industries and projects
  • We work with you throughout the prototype process
  • Our engineering staff will recommend or design the best ring for your application
  • Quick turnaround on stock and custom rings
  • Made in the USA

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