About USA Tolerance Rings

Your Domestic Source for Quality, Custom Engineered Tolerance Rings

Since 1961, USA Tolerance Rings has been producing tolerance rings for numerous industries. We’ve remained a flexible company that specializes in custom solutions for our clients’ specific engineering needs. In addition to custom design rings, we carry a number of stock ring sizes for various applications.

USA Tolerance Rings is the ONLY domestic producer of tolerance rings. All of the rings we sell are made in-house at our NJ facility by our trained technicians. We respond to customers, large and small, with efficient, courteous service and with rapid turnaround of sample parts and with development testing in customer components. This offers a level of precision and quality control that few can offer, while delivering fast turn around and shipping. This benefits clients working on prototypes as well as projects with domestic parts-sourcing requirements.

Working with Us

USA Tolerance Rings is not just a parts supplier, we’re a design solutions partner. Our in-house engineers work with you to source the exact ring to meet your specific needs and goals. When customers present us with a bearing or part assembly problem, we analyze the design and develop engineered solutions that work for the manufacturing and design requirements. We’ve worked with various industries over the years and offer proven experience and realistic expectations on our products.

Join the ranks of the thousands of customers, who, when confronted with a design problem made the fortunate discovery of USA TOLERANCE RINGS- an exceptional company; an exceptional product.

Quality System

USA TOLERANCE RINGS, INC. is committed to providing quality products that meet or exceed customer specifications, furnishing employee training and fostering continuous improvements in quality.  USA Tolerance Rings has established and implemented its Quality Management System under the direction of the Division Manager and administered by the Quality Manager to improve overall performance and provide a sound basis for sustainable growth initiatives. This Quality Management System is intended to define the various components and responsibilities of USA Tolerance Rings’ business operations. Included are procedures that have been established and maintained in order to be in compliance with all of the requirements of the IATF 16949:2016 and ISO 9001-2015 Standards resulting in a comprehensive Quality Management System. The functional areas include design, manufacture, sales, shipping and receiving activities.

100% On-Time Delivery

The past few years have brought considerable challenges to global supply chains.  We have endured a global pandemic, the Ever Given, a 20,000 TEU container ship getting wedged in the Suez Canal like a drywall anchor, and massively reduced production and trucking industries.

In an era when manufacturers are more challenged by these supply chain disruptions, global empathy to those challenges could give manufacturers an acceptable excuse for reduced production and delayed delivery.  USA Tolerance Rings can, with great pride, coming from immense effort, announce a 100% On-time delivery rate for the past two years.

How’d we do that?

Years of fulfilling your orders have given us the ability to anticipate demand for most standard parts, which we keep stocked and ready for shipment. We stock over 60 cut sizes of 301 Stainless Steel and multiple cut sizes of additional exotic alloys enabling us to manufacture tolerance rings in advance of your ship date without a need to bring in raw material and impact your schedule.

We hope that 2022 brings fewer supply-chain hurdles, but rest assured…we are prepared to deal with whatever challenges the new year brings.  You can count on us to always deliver your orders when you need them…100% of the time.sands of customers, who, when confro