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Improve Bearing Performance with tolerance rings
- Compensate for thermal growth/contraction
- Compensate for bearing misalignment
- Relax housing tolerances to reduce costs
- Facilitate the mounting of bearings
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Your Solution for Mounting Cylindrical Components
- Tough enough for off-road equipment
- Delicate enough for miniature ball bearings
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The ONLY Source for domestically produced tolerance rings
Our products meet all international safety, environmental and manufacturing standards.
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We custom design tolerance rings to YOUR specifications
USATR specializes in custom solutions that exceed your design needs

Since 1961, USA Tolerance Rings has produced tolerance rings across a variety of applications & industries.

We’ve remained the ONLY domestic manufacturer of tolerance rings; made in our New Jersey factory.

Tolerance Ring Types


AN rings have corrugations that face inward. They are designed to fit outside a nominal circumference of a cylindrical part.


BN rings feature corrugations that face outward. Their rings are cut to fit inside a nominal circumference.


ANL rings are light-duty versions of AN rings made with very thin material. ANL rings do not maintain a circular shape in their free state.

Custom Design Work

USA Tolerance Rings is not just a parts supplier, we’re a design solutions partner. Our in-house engineers work with you to source the exact product to meet your specific needs and goals. When customers present bearing or part assembly problems, we provide engineered solutions that meet design requirements. We work with various industries and offer proven experience, superior customer service and successful designs.

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Tolerance rings excel at protecting bearings & housings against thermal expansion across temperature ranges. They also compensate for the growth & contraction that occurs between the different materials.

Improve Radial Alignment

When bearings are pressed onto a shaft, low axial force tolerance rings can allow for easy alignment of the bearing ODs, minimizing the risks of cocking the bearings during assembly.

Simplify Manufacturing

Saves time and cost by reducing the need for machining, adhesives or low-grade fasteners.

Ease of Replacement

Facilitate machine maintenance and repair without the need for costly machining. Easily service bearing, motor and motion control assemblies.

Prevents Torque Overload

Transmit torque from one cylindrical component to another without the need for costly splines or expensive keyways.


Tolerance rings are used to reduce vibration in fractional horsepower motors; increasing efficiency while reducing noise over a range of speeds.